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Yoko Height Increaser

Regular Price: Rs.3,000.00

Sale Price : Rs.1,999.00


Yoko Height Increase Reflexology Massager is a bestseller in many countries for being an enhancer of height increase.
Through reflexology and traditional massaging of the feet, HGH is encourage to be secreted by pitutitary glands to thicken the cartillage of the knee increase height and lessen joint pains.
Should you wish to discuss about how to use this product to value add to your product line. Email me.
Approximately large quantity order pricing can be as low as US 8.80 which is relatively cheap considering the immense amount of people interested in being taller and therefore have more opportunities in life and love.

The Yoko height increaser is a scientific device that was launched in 1990.It is a device made of plastics and is used to increase height naturally. Yoko heath increaser is manufactured in Japan. This product works naturally and has not shown any side effects to the users. The Yoko height increaser increases your growth hormone production and also prolongs your growth period.

It has three points that stimulate pressure areas on the feet that are in connection with the pituitary glands. It uses the therapy of magnetism to reactivate pituitary glands and hence more growth hormones are released. One has to do maximum exercise in order to achieve maximum results when using the Yoko height increaser. The best results can be seen after using the Yoko height increaser for two or three months continuously.

The increaser gives you an increase in height; it also gives you a better shape and gives you back your self confidence. It makes you grow taller naturally without having to undergo plastic surgeries. It can be used by people of all ages and different heights and has no restrictions whatsoever.

The Yoko height increaser is easy to use, all one needs to do is to put it under his shoes and walk around for ten minutes this has to be repeated morning and evening and has to be done for ninety days continuously. The Yoko height increaser does not pose any health risks to the user since it is made of plastics and is put inside the shoe just like a shoe inner sole. The product has to be used regularly for better results. The Yoko height increaser has to be used correctly for better results, make sure that the convex part of the insole takes position of the concave part of the foot.

Yoko height increaser is affordable to all and can be used by people of all ages. It is easily accessible and easy to use. It has guaranteed results as long as one uses it as directed. The Yoko height increaser has been tested and proven.

When one buys one Yoko height increaser he gets another one free. The product comes with a one year warranty. One can pay either by cash on delivery, where he only gives out cash after receiving the product, or pay by use of credit cards or even by depositing money in the bank account.

After using the increaser, the height gain that one can attain greatly depends on his age, younger people re more likely to gain more height than older people, this is greatly influenced by the fact that younger people are still growing than those who have advanced in age.

It is advisable to engage in other exercises while using the Yoko height increaser this betters your chances of adding more height and brings quicker results, playing baske ball can be the best exercise one can take while using the Yoko height increaser. Another thing to remember while using Yoko height increaser is to get enough sleep and always sleep in the right posture.

One has to have a balanced diet when using the Yoko height increaser. Take much fiber, proteins, vegetables and vitamins. By taking a balanced diet it will enhance the chances of producing more growth hormones after your pituitary gland has been stimulated by the Yoko height increaser.

The Yoko height increaser is effective and one does not require any training or a doctor’s prescription in order to be able to use it. It requires no maintenance and therefore you will incur no extra costs on the product. This product can be used world over. One can order for the Yoko height increaser either online or visit many of its many stores in India or Japan. The Yoko height increaser also trades at a fair price.

Yoko height increaser has no side effects or even health effects to the user. Furthermore it is environmentally friendly and can be used by both the young and old. The Yoko height increaser comes in different sizes to fit all shoe sizes. You will actually get value for your money and you won’t regret using the Yoko height increaser. It is the best way to get those extra inches of height you have always desired.


Yoko Height Increaser Price in Pakistan 1999/-PKR Only
Special Offer: Buy one Yoko Height Increaser in Rs. 1999 and get another one Pair in just Rs. 599/- Only
Free Home Delivery, Cash on Delivery, Available any where in Pakistan.

Regular Price: Rs.3,000.00

Sale Price : Rs.1,999.00


  1. tabish at Aug 14, 2016 08:26:40

    I wanna to buy yoko height increaser in Muridke Pakistan
    is this available here?????/

    • Telebrands at Aug 14, 2016 02:09:43

      Yes available

      • Saymi at Feb 24, 2017 09:58:55

        Plx tell me that one Yoko height pair price ? And is it available in 6 number size ??

        • Laiba at Feb 25, 2017 03:57:10

          1999/ free size

  2. Hafiz Sadiq at Aug 15, 2016 03:10:52

    v good

  3. Ahmad Muaz at Aug 15, 2016 03:19:09


  4. M. kAMRAN at Aug 15, 2016 03:36:03

    v goor result

  5. Muneeb Butt at Aug 15, 2016 05:34:43

    Excellent Quality product received services was very good i am totally satisfied with the quality

  6. Saba at Aug 15, 2016 05:57:22

    v good resulty, thnx telebrand

  7. Eman Fatima at Aug 15, 2016 08:04:40


  8. M Rizwan Bhatti at Aug 15, 2016 08:24:30

    very good product

  9. Agk at Aug 16, 2016 09:13:35

    Yoko hight increaser kis age tk effective hai????

  10. Agk at Aug 16, 2016 09:16:10

    Yoko highet increaser kis age tk effective hai???

  11. Agk at Aug 16, 2016 03:24:24

    Yoko hight increaser kis age tk effective hai? Reply plx

    • Telebrands at Aug 17, 2016 12:12:35

      under 30

      • Agk at Aug 18, 2016 02:22:45

        29 age hai.

  12. Hira kamran at Aug 24, 2016 03:18:29

    I saw your advert in the paper

  13. Agk at Aug 27, 2016 07:18:00

    Any warranty or not?

  14. Peyton at Aug 31, 2016 11:55:59

    Good it’s cool 🙂

  15. Vicky at Sep 16, 2016 10:39:08

    Excilent Product

  16. shahid at Oct 14, 2016 09:16:20

    Good Product

  17. Tanveer at Oct 14, 2016 09:42:15

    I love yoko height increaser


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