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Pack of 2: Snap and Grip + Jackly 31 in 1 Tool Kit in Pakistan

Price: Rs.2,299.00

Snap and Grip + Jackly 31 in 1 Tool Kit in Pakistan

Pack-of-2-Snap-and-Grip-Jackly-Tool-Kit in Pakistan

1. Snap and Grip Description:

It is a very useful product to our homes and workplaces. This is a lightweight power tools that have the following features attractive:

It is adjustable for all sizes.
It can be used with all measurement systems.
DIY is a very effective tool.
Pick up the grip in Pakistan on the web at We offer the best quality products, which are part of our daily lives. Exclusively available in our shop online shopping a better grip of the sudden and prices in Pakistan. We know better what exactly is your need, and this is why we always provide useful and high-quality products such as biting and grip and other DIY tools.

2. Jackly 31 in 1 Tool Kit Description:

Remove the screws, seals break and guarantees null! With this set screwdriver handy, you can touch any device, and should be open to reveal its secrets.
This collection contains 30 screws that attach magnetically to handle. We sell this due to its quality compared with other groups without a low-cost magnetic ability. The handle has a rubbery finish to grip better. Bits chrome plated carbon steel, which is a powerful and every bit has a bit names and initials etched manufacturer to avoid a bit fake.

– A rubber handle for a strong grip better
– Qatar storage box: 5.5CM x 12cm

The difference between this and other groups, which is a little boring and colorful off:
1. Magnetic ability better. So those are magnetic, just suck bit but, but they are not able to hold heavy screws. This has enough strength to hold them strong
2. The best looks and build quality
3. You need to hold all of the groups together to find really the difference in use

Price: Rs.2,299.00

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