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Kitchen Star Juicer, Grinder, Mincer in Pakistan

Price: Rs.3,499.00

Are you tired of heavy machines and juicers mill that consume more electricity and provide you with the results less. I tried to act quickly to save time and energy because of power outages and so you can buy a heavy juice, grinders for multiple functions, but you have to buy separate machines for each process which is a lot in an expensive time. Furthermore, if you want to go out for some picnic you have to prepare shakes at home. You can not take with you for those juicers operate on electricity only. Moreover these heavy juicers. So we offer you kitchen Star juicer at the lowest prices and with more jobs. Kitchen Star juicer is a useful and easy to use. You only have to rotate, rotate and rotate either side of the handle and you’ll get a fresh juice, dry fruits and grind fresh minced meat. You can take with you anywhere, can enjoy fresh juices every time.


Juicer row for the home that will do as advertised, offering a glass of fresh juice. This juicer is as cool and refreshing like the juice it produces. Whether your fancy and fresh squeezed orange, grapefruit, lemons or limes on commercial juicer will make your morning breeze. This juice maker suitable for households, Coffee Shop, lemon juice specialized stores.

The complete food processor, your lifetime kitchen partner.

Juice from all types of hard and soft fruits and vegetables.
Ideal mincer to minced meat, chicken, beef, lamb and fish.
You can grind all the spices, nuts, almonds and other things for decoration.
Suction surface of the unique power base.
Handy and lightweight.
No electricity its catalog. Get rid of the heavy electricity bills.

Telebrands specially designed to crush and compress fruits and vegetables, more efficiently, and also includes a clamp for the base, which works in conjunction with a suction base aking it possible to attach a healthy juicer on almost any surface.


Kitchen Star Juicer

Kitchen Star can be used as juicer. You can get fresh and pure juice at any time in any place. Any tension or to use his strength. Play it with your hands and get the juice in each new time. You can compare the kitchen Star juicer with a heavy juicers and other expensive juicer machine. After getting on the juice from the kitchen Star compared the residual pulp with heavy machine pulp juice. You can check the results using tissue. Put all of the pulp tissue and you will notice that the core of heavy juicer machine is wet and contains a large amount of juice in it. While the core of the kitchen gets star when placed on the tissue. You’ll see the difference. This pulp is completely dry. Star kitchen full amount of fruit juice extract.

Kitchen Star Grinder

Kitchen Star is also can be use as grinder. Can grind materials required such as dry fruits, almonds, coconut, pepper and dry biscuits etc. cursed through the kitchen Star mill as just replacing juicer part with the mill and start cracking and enjoy a hand grinder. Do not worry about power outages or heavy energy consumption.

Kitchen Star Mincer

Yes, you read right. Star Kitchen is the best manual juicer can be used as a very mincer. Use purpose kitchen Star Ford mincer just replacing the existing part with the mincer part. The task. Insert the meat from the upper side, click on it and begin to patrol its side handle. Meat will start to be converted into a fine mince in no time. You will get fresh minced meat of any piece of wood you will see in it. Star mincer with a kitchen you can chop, chicken, lamb, beef, fish, meat, 3kitchen-star-juicer-grinder-mincer-in-rawalpindi 1kitchen-star-juicer-grinder-mincer-in-rawalpindi 2
All the above mentioned features are included in the kitchen Star juicer in Pakistan. You can buy this amazing product with delivery service to homes across Pakistan. Free Delivery, Payment on Delivery. This product is the best of all kitchens. You will surely find better than the other machines available in your kitchen.


High Quality 3 in 1 Kitchen Star Juicer + Grinder + Mincer Lowest Price in Pakistan 3499/-Only

Price: Rs.3,499.00

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